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Three Years and WHAT have I learned?

On November 1st we will be celebrating our 3 year Book Store Anniversary ... and what have I learned? Well, I have learned that you will never get rich owning a used bookstore. I have learned that marketing in this day and age is nearly impossible. I have learned that every day is a struggle, a struggle to make ends meet, a struggle to get customers in the door (and once they are in the door a struggle to get them to part with $5.00), and a struggle to always know the right thing to do. I have learned that having a bookstore cat draws more attention then the actual books do!

But, what I have also learned is that I really like book people, ALOT! They are good people! Our regular customers keep us going financially, but more importantly emotionally. They are the best group of dedicated, loyal customers and they make each and every day special. They teach me as much about books as I teach them! And when I ask myself why I do this ... they are the answer.

What else have I learned? I have learned what I do very right - and what I could do better, so over this next year my promise to you is that I will do better.

  • I WILL post on this blog frequently (at least once a month)

  • I WILL send out our newsletter also once a month

  • I WILL make sure that our inventory is correct ... both in store and online

  • I WILL have our local authors in store for signings and readings

  • I WILL host events like Storytime for children, Book Clubs, and even Knitting Lessons

  • I WILL be more attentive to your needs and the needs of our community

So, a big THANK YOU to all of you for helping to encourage us everyday, to patronizing our business, for reading and for coming in to visit with Harper Lee. Let's work together to make this next year at Blacktree Bookshop the best ever. I promise to do my part!

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