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Why patronize a used book store

The pros of buying from a used book store are many, but for our purposes we are going to keep it simple. Many of these quotes are not mine originally, but obtained from our customers as well as online customers. Here we go:

  1. New books are expensive! Buying 2nd hand is a great option. We have current titles used as well as classic titles on any topic under the sun. In these days most of us have more time than we do money (don't get me wrong we also have MANY NEW books for sale, we like to think of these as gift items to be purchased for birthdays, holidays, etc ).

  2. Recycling. Buying used means more than a great sticker price, it speaks for our humanity. It is an act of social and economic heroism. Its the way we all need to begin thinking, not just for our personal bookshelves, but how we view ourselves as readers our critical thinking abilities and our planets continued livability. Giving an old book a new home, the thought of other people before you having read and enjoyed the same book is a nice feeling - especially when the book is well read and well loved. Not to even mention that buying used books helps save trees and reduced landfill waste.

  3. Charm. Shopping in a used bookshop is like hunting for treasures, you can get some real gems because the collection is curated very carefully. Booksellers in a used bookstore come with expertise that a National Chain can't replicate. Seek out recommendations from the incredibly knowledgeable bookshop owners and employees. People many times walk into our shop and ask for a certain book, if we don't have it they turn around and walk out. Please don't do that, let us help you find something else that you will equally love. Many gems show up at used bookstores. People don't realize how many books out there are unavailable except at used bookstores, out of print books especially.

  4. Think about it! Think about the ways that buying used books can improve your experience and your world. Then spend a little time at your local book re-seller and see how you feel. I promise it won't be time wasted.

"A good book is like being given a view into another world, so it doesn't matter what form the window is"

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