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Why a Bookstore Blog?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Good question, lets find out together.

Welcome to Blacktree Bookstore ... We are the NEW owners of this locally owned bookstore specializing in Used and New Books. Blacktree Books, under different ownership has been in Southside Mall, Oneonta for over 6 years. We hope to give you the excellent service that you deserve.

"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are" ~ Mason Cooley.

About us

Barbara Tarka, owner - I purchased this bookstore as a retirement project. For the past 5 years I have worked as a Volunteer Coordinator at a local Hospital and for the 15 prior I worked at a local College. My love for books has always been common knowledge. I read! Alot!

Michael Konze, manager - Mike, my son, graduated with a degree in English Literature. He know's everything there is to know about books and can recommend one to you that you don't even know you want to read. I passed down my love for the English language to him, and of that I am very proud. I believe his love for books surpasses my own.

My Hopes and Dreams

Some people have tried to discourage us from opening this bookstore. They said, "Everyone shops for books online, those that read an actual book that is. Most people read on their electronic devices". And while that actually might be a true statement ... We LOVE bookstores! Plain and simple.

I have heard it said that "when you know exactly what book you want you can go online and order it BUT when you walk into a bookstore you get to find out what books you didn't even know you wanted". I believe that to be true, its the experience of coming to a bookstore, your senses awaken when you can smell the books, touch the books, see the books. You can pick each one up and read the jacket cover, sit in a cozy chair and begin the first chapter .. if you don't like it, put it back on the shelf and pick up another. Many of my fondest memories was going to the neighborhood bookstore and spending oodles of time in there alone, with the staff, and with other book lovers. Then bringing my children to the bookstore for them to find their love of books. Yes, I believe in my heart there needs to continue to be independent bookstores. That my friends is why we chose to follow our hearts and open Blacktree Books.

What I hope to have on this BLOG

I hope to bring my love of books to you.

  • Recommendations from both Mike and me

  • Reading lists, you know its the beginning of 2020 and we both have reading lists for this year

  • New releases

  • Events, we hope to have Reading with Rover programs, Book signings, Book Club ... etc

  • and so much more

Please come back to the blog ... see whats new. We both hope to be posting regularly. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram.


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1 Comment

Ginger Houck
Ginger Houck
Jul 26, 2022

Do you buy books as a have books in good condition looking to sell.

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